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Welcome to your affiliate resource hub! Here you’ll find the swipe copy and graphics that make it easy for you to promote your link on social media, newsletter and any other place online.


Below you will find pre-written swipe copy you can use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and your email newsletter to help you share your Socialify affiliate link

Hello {FIRST.NAME}, 

Are you spending all your time on social media marketing with little to no results to show for your hard work?

Being an entrepreneur means you’re already wearing many different hats – there’s just no time to waste on anything that does not contribute to the growth of your business.

Thankfully, with Socialify Social Media Bundle, creating stunning graphics to share your content with your readers is one less thing you need to worry about, and can be achieved in a few seconds because you will have over +320 premade stories and posts templates with life-time free monthly updates and new templates.

But, why exactly do you need to have eye-catching graphics in the online business world?

 📌 Your graphics should stand out from the rest of the information that’s so easily accessible online so you can reach your ideal customers and clients.

 📌 If you truly want to get the most out of social media by turning followers into engaged and paying fans of your business, you need well-designed graphics that speak to your brand identity.

 📌When potential clients and customers are scrolling through your social media feeds, trying to decide if your business is the best place for their dollar, they want to see styled, seamless, and consistent branding they can trust. 

 Socialify will easily help you achieve all of this (and more) at a mere fraction of the price it would cost you to hire a graphic designers!

If you’re ready to stand in front of your dream clients with confidence and get those conversions, then you have got to check out these templates here [ADD AFFILIATE LINK].

Hello {FIRST.NAME}, 

If you want to effectively convert Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers into engaged and paying fans of your business, then you need to capture them with well-designed social media graphics.

And, since your time is limited, you need to be able to batch create a month’s worth of graphics quickly so your social media calendar is set ahead of schedule.

Introducing Socialify Social Media Templates: the quick and easy solution for zero graphic skills marketers to professional looking graphics that’ll get you noticed!

With a total of 320+ unique stories and posts template designs that you can use over and over again to create stunning graphics to share your content, there’s no need to recreate the wheel.

Learn more about these Socialify Templates and get a glimpse of what your business graphics could look like in no time at all: AFFILIATE LINK #afflink 

Hello {FIRST.NAME}, 

As entrepreneurs, we are required to wear so many different hats in our businesses which often means there’s no time to be wasted on anything that does not bring positive results.

There’s simply no room to struggle with:

📌Driving social media traffic back to your website & email list, or

📌Creating shareworthy images for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Twitter.

And most entrepreneurs who are starting out, certainly cannot afford to spend money on a graphic designer to create professional looking graphics that converts!

This is where Socialify Social Media Templates come into play!

With 320+ different templates to use for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you can stop wasting time cobbling together graphics and start having a cohesive looking brand online!

Check Socialify Social Media Templates and turn those scrollers into customers: AFFILIATE LINK #afflink

Hello {FIRST.NAME}, 

Imagine seeing more inquiries in your inbox, more subscribers on your email list, and more traffic on your website…

Sound like an online business dream come true?

What if I told you that you could get all this results, PLUS an increase in your conversion rate with beautiful social media graphics that fits with your brand?

You’re probably thinking, “That would be amazing, but hiring a graphic designer is wayyy out of my budget at this point in my business.”

Oh, I get it! You need to stretch every penny that comes in because you are building an empire! This is why I think you’ll love Socialify Social Media Templates Bundle…

Now you can create stunning graphics to share your awesome content with your followers, at a fraction of the cost of a professional graphic designer. No Photoshop skills needed, Socialify is designed for non-designers clients.

Own an ever-growing library of +320 social media posts and stories templates. Just one easy payment gets you a great selection of professional social media templates today. No recurring bills. Lifetime Deal. Free Monthly Updates.


Still think it’s too good to be true? Check out the templates over here to learn all about it:


We have a mix of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter optimized images and videos for you to use on social media, website or email messages.


We’re so excited that you’re promoting Socialify Package but we imagine you must have a lot of questions about how to get started and sharing your affiliate link. Don’t worry!

Where can I find my affiliate link?

Request approval from us here through this link → After we approve you as an affiliate to promote Socialify, You can visit our Offer Page again  Click on the green button that says “Link Details” next to the offer and inside the window that pops up, you will be able to copy Your Affiliate Link.

How can I promote my Socialify affiliate link?

There are so many creative ways to share your affiliate link with your audience WITHOUT coming across as a sleazy salesperson! We encourage you to have fun with it since we firmly believe that you need to enjoy the content you share with your readers.

A few ideas you could give a try include:

  1. Sharing your link on your Social Media Platforms, telling your followers what you love most about our templates.
  2. Adding a Resource Page on your website with all your favorite tools you use in your business
  3. Write a blog post reviewing collection of our templates (if you’ve used it yourself) or share a few reasons why you believe that Socialify can help someone else in their business.
  4. Create a few different Pinterest graphics and pin away! With a pretty, eye-catching graphic, this is by far the easiest and quickest way to get people clicking on your link.
How will I be paid?

In order to use the affiliate system, all WarriorPlus members will need a Paypal account that has had the permissions needed by WarriorPlus authorized.

i. Click on your username in the upper-right hand corner of WarriorPlus.com and select “account settings” from the dropdown menu
ii. Under Vendors/Affiliates, click on “Merchant Account
iii. Click the green button that says “+ New Account” which will pull up a dropdown menu for you to select one of the following merchant account types: PayPal, Stripe, Bank Account (US Only).

When you select one of the merchant account types, you will be redirected to the appropriate page to verify your account.

Once your merchant account is authorized, you are ready to request affiliate status for offers.

We highly recommend adding at least one Paypal account, as most buyers/vendors use that service.

What is my commission?

We’re looking forward to your support in promoting our product with a commission of up to 50%. Knowing that In the case of achieving strong sales, we will give you a commission bump of up to 70%.

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